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Climb the legendary Mont Blanc using Google Cardboard

Google came to us with our absolute dream project. They had the goal of creating an experience that would enable users to discover Mont Blanc, as well as the legend and story behind the highest mountain in Europe.

Our solution was a VR mobile experience, built in the web browser rather than a native app. We strived to push a virtual reality browser experience to the next level and experiment with what could be achieved using new technologies.

  • Client Google
  • Project Google Cardboard VR experience
The Mont Blanc experience on different devices

This project had collaboration at its heart. The way we work with Google on all our projects is super collaborative, and Mont Blanc was the personification of this approach — working together as one team to concept, storyboard, design, build, and test the experience.

After curating a hoard of amazing assets captured on the mountain, we created a compelling story that actually puts users on Mont Blanc. Wearing a set of smart ski goggles that display your altitude, temperature and other vitals, you are accompanied by Patrick Gabarrou, a High Mountain Guide, who gives you insights and advice as you make the climb to the summit.

We decided to use five key points from the famous Gouter Route as the basis of the navigation. You can explore more about each scene via hotspots embedded in the 3D space, and even jump to some incredible athlete panoramic shots captured on the main route and surrounding massif.

“The beauty of this project is that we were building the boat as we sailed it. An experience like this in a web browser hasn’t been done before.”

A technical challenge

One of the biggest challenges with this project was that virtual reality has never been pushed to this extent within a mobile browser. In the experience we have multiple audio tracks playing, 11 scenes, subtitles, and about 50 hotspots filled with different types of content. We also had to calibrate it to work across different types of devices and screen sizes on both Android and iOS.

Celebrating Mont Blanc

This VR experience is one of several Google ventures to celebrate Mont Blanc and bring the legend to everyone. It’s complemented by a desktop Trek site where you can find interviews with the athletes and discover more about the Mont Blanc massif.

Visit on your mobile to start the climb.

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