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Phantom Dude Neon

Official launch of the highly contagious track ‘Zooby Doo’, by Sony artist Tigermonkey.

The brief demanded a fun and personalisable experience that works great on mobile, features the whacky track, and provides a suitably contagious digital experience.

To provide seamless animated loops, compatible on mobile, we used a heavily optimised PNG sprite animation solution.

We also created a backend to store images and animations, enabling users to share their own animation and create viral chains where friends can be infected and feature in each other's sequences.

  • Client Sony Music Entertainment
  • Project Zooby Doo single launch
Zooby Doo Animation Loop
Mobile version
App facebook intergration

A one page site with a nostalgic nod to 80's video games. From the loading graphic, resembling image-loading in the early 90’s, through to the styling, gifs and 2d animations, we created a world populated by space cats on acid, pugs and 8-bit characters thrown into the blender. Alongside the suitably eccentric ‘Zooby Doo’ track, you have an experience worthy of sending even the most stable-minded into the looney bin!

Using Facebook’s api, the user uploads an image and is then prompted to ‘tap and hold’ to initiate the experience. Animation and audio begins, and the user’s face is featured on top of a selection of dancing bodies. The bodies, backgrounds and user’s head change randomly every few seconds between gifs and their own face, creating a surreal dance sequence.

On release, the dance and audio immediately stop, kicking you out of the Zooby Doo madness, into silence! The user can hold down again to carry on, or choose to infect their friends by sharing their personalised animation.

“The nature of this brief meant that we could have a lot of fun with the design and animations”

Encouraging shares, the number of people infected on your chain, plus the names of the chain originator and friend who infected you, are all displayed on screen. Their faces are also featured within your own animation, alternating between your face, theirs, and the Zooby Doo heads.

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