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Google Üniversite Seçimim (Google My University) is a one-stop hub for Turkey’s next generation of working professionals.

In a partnership with the Turkish Ministry of Education, this dynamic platform gives students the ability to see all their options in a single place, and get access to all the information they need to make one of the most important decisions in their lives. They can search for a university and access key information about departments, courses, and the score they will need to gain a place. Other key features include the option to take a 360° tours of campuses, get advice from the experts via live Q&A conferences and save all favourite content into a personalised dashboard.

  • Client Google Turkey
  • Project One-stop university hub
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Google My University Context

Deciding which university to go to is one of the biggest decisions in the lives of Turkish students. There are 180 universities across Turkey, 250+ campuses, and 600+ departments. With so many options available, making the right choice is a hard, and over 30% of current students think that they might have made the wrong one. There’s no single place or resource that students can go to for information about the different options, and help about making this big decision.


When thinking about the design, we very much wanted to work with Google’s new material design approach. We used cards to display and promote content to work with the clean lines throughout the website. When working on this, material design guidelines had only been released for apps and so we were one of the first teams to adapt this to website design. The universe site was then used as an example of how to do this during this transition period.

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“This is one of Google's most beautiful works, the first step in the university system.” — user response (courtesy of Twitter)

Google My University Selection Process
A Design and Technical Challenge

From strategy and UX, to design and development, we challenged and pushed ourselves every step of the way — working towards a product that had a balance of functionality and beautiful design that would appeal to the target audience.

One of our first challenges was to organise a complicated wealth of academic data into a user friendly and aesthetically pleasing design. We also had to find a dynamic way to bring a typically rudimental and functional activity of refining search results, to life.

Each university is represented by a bubble, coloured either blue or yellow to indicate whether it is a state or private institution. As students further refine their results by location, course, or score, the bubbles animate to visually represent their search and the universities that meet their criteria.

From a technical perspective, this project was also a great opportunity to work with Google’s products and library of APIs — integrating a number of different tools such as Hangouts and Maps, to create the complete experience.


The site racked up over 2 million views in the first month, and positive reaction across social media proves that there is a real need and genuine appreciation for this product.

This is now one of Google Turkey’s flagship projects, as they work closely with Turkey’s Ministry of Education to help develop the future of the nation.

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