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An imaginative journey through the new Tate Modern.

We’re proud to have launched an exciting digital art piece for TATE in close collaboration with our friends at House of Greenland and the incredible Sigur Rós. The project is in celebration of the brand new TATE Modern building.

States of Matter is an interactive experience inspired by the materials of the new building and old Bankside power station. It features a specially composed soundtrack by Orri Páll Dýrason and Georg Hólm of Sigur Ròs. Users switch between four visual journeys through the new building exploring plasma, air, solid or liquid states of matter and its corresponding audio stem.

  • Client Tate
  • Project States of Matter
  • Highlight Working with a band we love and a cultural institute we admire.
States of Matter overview
Think with Google Tablet
States of Matter solution

An integral part of this immersive experience is allowing the user to interact with four videos simultaneously while keeping the playback in sync. To achieve this we had to optimise the media in such a way that the playback felt smooth while transitioning between combinations of videos. We wanted to make sure that the average computer could handle the experience without any glitches.

"States of Matter represents the culmination of a great collaborative project involving art, music, production, creative, design and technology.”

States of Matter Audio

Synchronising the amazing soundtrack was another important consideration. We used WebAudio API, a modern web technology, which not only allowed us to perfectly sync the music, but also manipulate the audio to achieve interesting effects like echoes. This added to the playful aspect of the project, encouraging people to play with the sound by tapping on the keys. It also made the experience more atmospheric and ominous, enhancing the existing dark and industrial sounds created by Sigur Rós.

Extending the experience

The experience was prepared in such a way that allowed blogs and third parties to embed it on their sites, acting as a custom video player. The user could then be fully immersed in the full screen experience without leaving the blog.

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States of Matter results
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