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Google #MakeTime is a fun user journey to discover where the time goes in our increasingly busy working lives.

Find out how much time you waste on email overload, chaotic collaboration, pesky procrastination and monotonous meetings!

We worked with Google and Foreverbeta to bring to life an idea that shows visitors how time throughout their work life is potentially being wasted. These kinds of topics can easily be presented in a stale and boring way, but his was the complete opposite. Animation was at the core of the experience, and really helped to showcase content in a fun and dynamic way.

Based on your country and various inputs, you’re presented with a unique animated video and GIF, featuring surprising statistic about what else you could do with your time lost to monotonous meetings, such as play 336 hours of yarn ball, or play 1,323 football matches.

  • Client Google
  • Project Google #MakeTime Animations and Web Build
  • Highlight Over 6000 gif variations!
#MakeTime Gif
Firing up #MakeTime
Firing up the GIF machine

With our design and development team tackling all of the animation and development of the site, the solution was a lot more complex than it might seem at first. It required the creation of multiple variations of the animated video to be served, all dependant on the visitor’s location and their input. On top of that, over 6000 animated GIFs had to be localised, and customised to be input dependant, allowing each visitor to have a unique experience and takeaway to share. And on top of this, we had to bundle it all into a mobile first website.

“Simplicity isn't the absence of complexity, it’s the ability to see a simple solution to a complex problem.”


With close to 1 million sessions in the first month, and plenty of dancing dinosaurs shared across social media, the experience has been a great success.

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