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After graduating with a BEng in Computer Systems in 2001, I quickly discarded the life of an engineer and instead rode the crest of the Dot Com bust working on the website for “youth” radio station triple j in Sydney, Australia. This allowed me to not only immerse myself in the latest web and digital technologies but also pursue my love of music photography.

I moved to London in 2008 where I freelanced at a number of top advertising agencies before helping to form Phantom. I like synthesizers, nineties arcade games and have an unhealthy interest in David Bowie.

Best things you’ve read recently

Homicide: A year on the Killing Streets by David Simon. Great writing about the Baltimore Homicide Department in the early nineties. David Simon went on to create the ”The Wire” and fans will recognise a lot of the situations in that show first show up in this nonfiction work. I also really enjoyed the “The Red Men” by Matthew De Abaitua, a science fiction novel set in East London. I’m hoping Shynola get to make the feature film!

What shows up on your YouTube recommendations right now?

CPU cooler on GPU (insane temps) - I just built the Phantom VR computer and used a few youtube tutorials so now my recommendations are full of these videos. Recommendation Rating: 2/5

Open Shut Them + more super simple songs - Youtube is my babysitter! I prefer Blippy. Recommendation Rating: 1/5

Iggy Pop’s most decrepit interview - Nice recommendation YouTube. Hadn’t seen this interview before. Love Iggy! Recommendation Rating: 5/5

David Bowie & Nine Inch Nails. Live 1995. - I like Bowie in the mid-nineties and NIN were at their peak. Pretty awesome version of Scary Monsters and the Reptile duet is amazing. Two of my favourite artists. Another good recommendation. Recommendation Rating: 5/5

What’s your Uber rating?


I thought we had a mutual understanding that we would just give each other 5s Uber Drivers. Someone has destroyed that trust we had built up.

What are your top three ‘Recently Played Artists’ on Spotify?

A lot of the artists I listen to aren’t on Spotify so I use my own music server! Three most recent artists I’ve been listening to are King Crimson, the new Massive Attack and David Bowie..

Favourite TV character of all time and why

The Man from Another Place The Red Room sequences have lost none of the unease and mystery since I first watched them. Can’t wait to see what’s happened in the Red Room over the past 25 years when the new series of Twin Peaks is released.

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