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Growing up in the late 80’s, I was raised by Warner Bros and MGM animations, Tex Avery’s in particular, which has influenced my visual culture massively ever since and got my passion started for anything and everything cartoony, sarcastic and witty.

It only made sense from here to study design and work as an illustrator, which I still do just for fun, but it is now the most absolute pleasure to support and be part of the amazingly talented team at Phantom.

What would you choose for your last meal on death row?

Food is a big deal for me, so given the choice, it would have include: sweet potato fries, coconut ice cream, falafel, chocolate fondant, hummus, banana pancakes and fresh spring rolls dipped in peanut sauce. All together. At no particular order. Thank you so much.

Who could you listen to forever?

2Pac’s “Do for Love” - never gets old.

What changed at Phantom the day you walked in the door?

The fridge?

If you could rename yourself, what would it be?

Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’ll refrain from explaining, just this one time.

What product would you refuse to promote?

Celery Sticks. I hate the little things with all my heart.

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