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My mum is into the Beatles and my dad is into the Rolling Stones - I grew up listening to the former and playing classical piano.

I love art history and Victorian literature - think Dickens, George Eliot and a bit of Dostoevsky. I regularly find new obsessions. My latest interests have been rollerblading, knitting, Mesopotamia, and Thomas More’s Utopia.

Squad goals?

All the attendants from the 1927 Solvay Conference.

Favourite TV character of all time and why?

Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes will always be the best. Holmes is my favourite character in literature, probably because I wish I was like him despite all his faults.

Who could you listen to forever?

The Cookie Monster during the day and Gizmo’s singing along to an electronic keyboard in the evening.

Best thing you’ve read recently

I’ve been enjoying the Dresden Files - great adventures about a wizard working alongside the Special Investigations PD in present Chicago.

If you were a car, which car would you be/if you had to travel in one car forever, what would it be?

I’d really like to grab a Nissan Figaro and turn it into an EV.

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