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Phantom and proud of it. Essex boy and proud of it. Creative lead, art director, designer, deviser, disruptor. Aesthetic overseer. Visual vanguard. Never not creating! A food and streetwear fiend, I love sneakers and clothes almost as much as I love chicken.

Also a lover of Hip-Hop, although Old School Garage is the one for me, brings out the wannabe DJ/MC hiding within. God, if you are reading this – if I get reincarnated, I'd like to come back as DJ EZ please. Dub-plates intact, lol!

Also an Arsenal fan. But let's not speak about that......

Lee's life changes
What changed at Phantom the day you walked in the door?

My perception of digital agencies.

My consumption of Tea. (shout out to Ben!)

The critique of food. Lunch (and in particular the discussion of chicken) has brought all the Pham together even more.

I would also like to say banter has been taken up a few notches as well....

Lee the baller
What's your most baller habit?

It's gotta be the kicks. I admit, I am a bit of a hypebeast. Currently enough pairs to have a different daily rotation for about 3 months straight. Unnecessarily necessary. Although truth be told, by normal sneakerhead standards, I'm pretty much somewhere in the middle. I'm not big time with it. A mixture of general releases and limited editions. You won't see me camping out for stuff, but I will be ready for the online drops if its worthwhile. I buy stuff to wear though, not to stock or sell on. The new trainer smell IS actually a rush, but do I draw the line at licking the soles!

However, to the normal person, what I have stacked in the wardrobes seems truly outlandish and ridiculous. When I moved house and my mum came to help and she saw the amount of sneaker boxes that needed moving, she gave me a clip round the ear, lol!

Lee dancing
When I dance, I look like....

Interesting...... Depends on the song, and how much tequila I've had. The range covers the full gamut: head nodding, to gentle two-step, through to some Drake-esque hotline bling style swaying, to annoying 'shuffling/shapecutting', ending with full on grimey 'mad ting' moves. Whatever is required....!

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