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Been at Phantom from the start and I've been working as a developer in marketing, both in-house and at agencies. I like to be part of the projects we work on from an early stage, but most of the time I'm part of the team at the end of the project smashing things out.

This is your chance to name drop, who’s the most famous person you’ve met

Maybe not the most famous but I once met Josh Hartnett in club in Peckham of all places!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I was obsessed with skating so anything that allowed me to do that! My older brothers friends was all into the old school fisheye skate videos — thought that was one of the most amazing things I’d ever seen.

Would you rather be an ugly genius or a hot moron?

Hot moron every time, being oblivious to everything I currently know wouldn’t be a bad thing in another life.

Looking back, what is the most obvious sign from your childhood that pointed to your future career?

At 7, My father promised me a computer if I stayed off sweets for a whole year, I did (yeah not really) and got my first Windows 3.1 with QBasic.

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