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Hailing all the way from the land of the long white cloud, aka Aotearoa, aka New Zealand! Now residing in London, taking on the Producer role at Phantom.

Favourite pastimes include experimental cooking (more specifically the eating part), taking photos, making noise/music and generally geeking out.

James pokemon
What’s your starter Pokemon?

Bulbasaur was my go-to, although science now proves that Squirtle is your best bet.

James is a surprise
Something surprising about you

I played the trumpet in high school, in the concert band - I was obviously one of the cool kids.

James' first day
What changed at Phantom the day you walked in the door?

The amount of food needed at any team occasion.

James song love
What’s the one song you love but can never admit??

“You used to call me on my celllphonnnneee…..”

James from the future
What advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?

When Drake releases Hotline Bling, create copious amounts of merch, t-shirts, jerseys and open a Hotline Bling store.

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