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I’m a Windsor girl born and bred (yes i’m related to the queen and I am a princess), with a passion for Gin. I could have a whole conversation about what Gins are my favourites and how to serve a perfect G&T!

I found digital by accident or it sought me out, whichever it was, we clicked, we fell in love and here I am. I’m the Production Lead here at Phantom, responsible for supporting our fantastic team of Producers and keeping the smile on our client’s faces.

What is your nickname?

Hank, Hankster, Nan (I’m not a Nan!, my Mum just calls me that), Tannah (mixture of Aunty and Hannah), Spanner, but mainly Han and I like that.

This is your chance to name drop, who’s the most famous person you’ve met

I was invited to Richard Branson’s house for a BBQ, by his son. When we got there, the BBQ had been cancelled and instead we walked right in on a Branson family dinner. Luckily, they were dead nice and invited us to have dinner with them - awkward.

What are your top three ‘Recently Played Artists’ on Spotify?

Blood Orange, Nas, Seinabo Sey, (Justin Bieber comes in a very close fourth - I’m a secret Belieber)

Something surprising about you

I’m pretty decent at ballet - I was on pointe shoes and used to teach, until I got to 18 and quit because I thought ballet was not cool! A few years back, I realised I was an idiot and now I attend adult ballet classes and I love it.

Your favourite Tweet?

Any of the tweets from -

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