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Project Manager specialising in providing those pesky ads when you’re trying to watch Youtube ;) I also work on large website builds and everything in between, trying to make sure everything (and everyone) is working as it should be.

I’ve spent time in far flung corners of the earth – with extended periods in Paris, Chile and Bluntisham (limited mobile coverage, basically another world). In the real world, I enjoy coffee, wine and travelling, often in that order.

Phantom least likely to….

Leave Phantom Phriday early.

If you could rename yourself, what would it be?

Emma Efron

What is your ‘party trick’ guaranteed to captivate the whole room?

Apparently I’m good at calling out bingo numbers, even though I’ve never been. I don’t think anyone can tell I’m making them up though...

What was your first or worst ever job

I worked in the lingerie department at M&S and had to serve my teachers, when I was 16 - pretty awks!

Squad goals?

First goal is that the squad would be massive. Main contenders are Niall Horan, Zac Efron, Greg James, Mindy Kaling, Katy Perry, James Corden, Chris Martin, Reese Witherspoon, David Beckham and The Queen, if she’ll join.

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