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I’m from Nottingham so I don’t have an accent. I do the cool, sexy data stuff at Phantom on projects that the design and code monkeys build.

Elliot's commute
What do you listen to on your commute?

James Blake, Earl Sweatshirt, the Fall, Everything but the Girl + the odd Hall and Oates or Cranberries banger.

Elliot knows about the things
How many things are there?

Total things or distinct things? If it's total things there are loads, there's that thing about ant's - all the ants on Earth weigh about the same as all the people. So there are millions of times more ants than people, about 10 quadrillion ants - loads. If its distinct things then probably like 200.

What would you choose for your last meal on death row?

Lasagna cooked by a mum, preferably my mum but another mum in a pinch, with garlic bread and a few chips.

Elliot karaoke
Your jam on karaoke night

Any song off “Is This It” - I know all the words and Casablancas has a shit voice so I sound authentic.

What is your catchphrase / nickname?

Two Ts, Baby Bird, et, The Captain, Yung Easy, Self-scan, Papa Big Bear, DROOOT, DJ Swagathon 4000, Happy Feet, Euclid’s Lemma, Egg, The Black Pearl, Face, A.W.N.W., Mr Meeseeks, Gravy Davey, Dr Sausage, Le Samourai, No Bulbs, Bobbit, Romeo, ScHoolboy E, Disagreeable Dennis, The Duck Feeder, Priority Check-in, Ocad-bro, BLAST!, The Sheriff of Notts, Pide Prince, Ol’ Glossy Knees, Smelliott

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