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Born in USSR, raised in Lithuania. Part Belarusian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and possibly many more.

Never was into artsy stuff as a child/teenager but crazy about computers, interfaces and interactions which somehow got me into all sorts of experiments in CAD applications. And here I am, creating my own interfaces on a regular basis.

How old were you when you had the worst hair-cut ever, what style was it?

Not many people know that back in the metalhead days I used to have a glorious long mane. Those days are long gone though.

When I dance, I look like…?

I don’t do it in public, but when I do I look like one of those wacky inflatable things you can find on some gas stations. Flexible. As. Hell.

If you could create anything, what would it be?

Gravitational levitation device thing that would let me sit in the air. Just like that.

How many things are there?

42. The answer is 42.

The worst movie you’ve ever seen

My IMDB profile score says it’s “The Hottie & the Nottie”.

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