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My days here at Phantom are filled with colourful illustrations, photographs and mysterious projects.

I love the process of creating in design and have been nerding out on all things crafty from a young age.

I have a soft spot for moody photography, Cillian Murphy and any mention of “Kiwi Summer” whatsoever.

Looking back, what is the most obvious sign from your childhood that pointed to your future career?

When I was 5 I spent at least a year creating swatches from all the nailpolishes and fancy gel pens I could find just for personal gain. In addition to this I persistently treated every school title page and birthday card like a serious art commission. The list is endless I was priming for the designer life…

Last Meal
What would you choose for your last meal on death row?

First of all this seems like a grim question, ignoring the fact that I’m on death row. It would 100% be my Mother’s Chicken Cacciatore, a delectable slow cooked Italian classic that is to die for.

What’s your most baller habit?

Champagne in the most casual situations, small house party? Don’t mind if I do. An expensive habit if I commit to the good stuff but it’s the quality that counts in life.

Something surprising about you

My initials spell, ART. Super wanky for a kid to grow up with, but I did love the private delight and irony of this in art class when we had to sign our work.

What’s the one song you love but can never admit??

To be fair the only reason I don’t admit this is because of the shear stress it brings from the haters. SEAL, Kiss From A Rose. Every time I hear that first note I’m transported to my younger self where I would swoon over SEAL’s soft spoken dah dah dah dah and imagine myself in some great romantic life moment.

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