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I’m a web unicorn who loves discovering things first! I’ve played hockey since I was a youngster, festivals are my fave and I hope that one day I love something the way that women in adverts love yogurt.

What’s your most baller habit?

I only wear socks once then throw them away. Baller.

What’s your Uber rating?

4.34 - I still get picked up every time though.

What are your top three ‘Recently Played Artists’ on Spotify?

Yeezy, yeezy, yeezy - Pablo has been on repeat for the last 2 weeks.

What did you dream about last night (last dream you remember)?

I face swapped with my best friend from school and couldn’t swap back meanwhile I was building a house.

The best Instagram account you’ve ever seen?

DILFS_OF_DISNEYLAND - it’s the happiest place on instagram *love heart eye emojii* #dilf #disney

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