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Born in Nanjing, China (helpful link if you don't know where that is), moved to the UK when I was 4.

I’m really good at wasting time researching random stuff on the internet that I don’t actually care about (clothes hangers, laundry baskets etc). An accurate recommendation engine for everything, tailored just to my tastes wouldn’t go amiss and then maybe I’d get a life!

What was your first or worst ever job

First job was at The West Cornwall pasty company. Probably the reason I love pasties so much. If you haven’t, go and try their pasties (not up-to-date on their menu but go for the steak and ale + steak and stilton + chicken and veg + cheese and veg)!

Worst Tinder line you’ve seen

“You look like my dad, not in a weird way”. Sent from my account. Not by me.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

In alphabetical order: architect, (some kind of) artist, a “business person”, bartender, hairdresser, marriage counselor, matchmaker, patissier, psychiatrist, psychologist, surgeon, the list goes on...

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?

Hard to pick one, I used to have a lot of superpowers in my dreams - I’m like a cross between Superman and Magneto. I would probably choose to fly in real life though, and fly around aimlessly just for the fun of flying and also to baffle people.

What are your top three ‘Recently Played Artists’ on Spotify?

Made in Heights, Flume, Tame Impala.

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