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Someone once called me ‘so European’ and it was the biggest compliment ever. I love moving around and seeing new places, people and things.

I’ve always been drawing and painting, and graphic design was the perfect compromise. But at heart I’m a total nature girl - I would happily retreat to a cabin somewhere with mountains to snowboard and water to sail. In fact, this is my long-term plan.

Malin party trick
What is your ‘party trick’ guaranteed to captivate the whole room?

More of a party fail, but I can Eurodance pretty good. I once got so into it, I accidentally punched myself in the nose and started bleeding all over the dancefloor.

Malin from the future
What advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?

Don’t ask, don’t get, and believe in yourself.

Malin guilty pleasure
What is your guilty pleasure?

OCD related things, like hanging pictureframes straight or folding my entire wardrobe into perfect, colour co-ordinated squares. But only when no-one is looking, and especially when I’m hungover.

Malin surprises us all
Something surprising about you

I used to shoot airgun competitively and was pretty good. Most people are also surprised that I have a powerboat license and have been moose hunting - so butch!

Malin's dreamcatcher
What’s the last dream you remember?

I recently dreamed that my bed was a drawer in the refrigerator, and I was a little carrot or something. I woke up in panic when someone opened the fridge door and pulled out the drawer...

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