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From the Fibonacci to the Phyllotaxis - I’m fascinated by the intersection where mathematics meets art. I’ve been coding for a wee while now and recently decided to take it seriously to pursue a life of aesthetically awesome digital creation with Phantom!

I’ve been making music since I can remember as a ‘jack of all trades master of none’ musician and have a feverish love for producing with Ableton. I can often be found blankly staring into a set of speakers trying to figure how they made that bassline.

As far as Glaswegians go, I’m reasonably understandable.

What do you listen to on your commute?

I’m always listening the Joe Rogan podcast. It’s 3 hours of un-edited story-telling with him and the most thought provoking, crazy, funny and inspiring people around! Episode #725 with Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson may blow your mind

What would you choose for your last meal on death row?

Chocolate milk, Flamin’ Hot Monster Munch (Family bag) and a fistful of refrigerated strawberry gummies.

Chris' life changes
What changed at Phantom the day you walked in the door?

My abilities. There are so many talented people here. From a developer’s perspective I’ve learned a ton. Things that were impossible before are now second nature......... GitHub, I’m talking about GitHub.

How old were you when you had the worst hair-cut ever, what style was it? Bonus point for photographic evidence

Back in my teen years I was big into emo/screamo-punk and had the worst of fringes. I grew that thing right past my chin - it was epic.

Looking back, what is the most obvious sign from your childhood that pointed to your future career?

I thought the operators in the Matrix, Tank and Dozer, were the coolest… you know, the code guys? That why the terminal on my machine is black and green - I feel like I’m on the Nebuchadnezzar helping Neo find a phone line in the machine world to escape the Agents.

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